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Walking & Hiking in the Alps

The best walking areas in the Alps, such as the Grand Rousses, the National Parc des Ecrins, the Belledonne are within easy reach of Chalet Solneige.

For the experienced walker there are countless possibilities to make long treks, even for more than one day. And for those who just want to enjoy themselves they can walk out of the door at Chalet Solneige and straight into the mountains. You can also find good walks which hardly require any climbing.

Children (for whom it might be their first time in the mountains) will find adventurous paths leading from one lake to another; they can walk and play, picnic and even throw snow balls in the summer.

At Chalet Solneige we can provide you with lots of information about interesting hikes; we have walking guides, maps and more than enough suggestions about to where to go.