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Grenoble and Vizille

Time for something different? Or simply a bit tired from all your skiing or bicycling adventures? Consider a visit to Grenoble and Vizille, the most famous historical cities in the French Alpes. 


A visit to Grenoble could be a welcome outing. The inner city with a large pedestrian zone has a lot to offer, interesting shops, cafes where you can sit outside and plenty of restaurants. The Bastide on the other side of the Isère is worth a visit as it offers a nice view of the town.

The Musee de Grenoble houses several permanent and varying collections and the modern building itself is also worth a visit.

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Vizille is well known as the cradle of the French Revolution. Here everything started, so they say. The chateau is completely dedicated to that period in French history and has a beautiful large garden with several ponds and lovely old trees.