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Cycling in the Alps

The Alpe d’Huez is one of the great climbs of the Alps, but there are other famous climbs such as the Galibier, Croix de Fer, Glandon and Lautaret.

The area also caters for mountain biking with many marked tracks. Or would you like to try the Megavalanche? 

Suggestions for biketours

Solneige trophy

During our first summer in Solneige we noticed that there is quite a bit of rivalry between the bikers who climb the Alpe d’Huez: who is the fastest? In order to stimulate this rivalry we initiated the Solneige trophy. We will keep track of the faster times and at the end of the season we will present the beautiful Solneige trophy to the fastest cyclist. At the same time we admire everybody who goes up the Alpe d’Huez; it is very heavy climb which taxes everyone to his limits. Reaching the top is really something to be proud of.

Since 2013 we adjust the times to the age of the cyclists; just like the handicap in golf. Cyclists between 18 and 30 years old get no handicap. Cyclists younger then 18 y. and older then 30 y. get a time reduction of 1% of every year out of this age window.   

Fastest times in 2017

mens ranking

Aaron White  1.01 (with correction according to age:  53.7 min)
Steve Carter 1.01 (with correction according to age:  56.1 min)

womens ranking

Sarah Burmeister in 
Maya Lykkemark Leth in 

Fastest times in 2016

  • David Mitchel 1.07 (with correction according to age:  50 min) winner of the Chalet Solneige trophy 2016 for men
  • Louisa Sadler 1.28 (with correction according to age:  1.08) winner of the Chalet Solneige trophy 2016 for women
  • Patrick Knoben winner of the Chalet Solneige trophy 2016 for children